USB Cable& Adaptor Series
Asialink International Technology Corp. is a custom cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer with the abilities to manufacture custom cables at our facilities in Dongguan, China. We are one of the few custom cable manufacturers with the engineering expertise to manufacture a wide range of cables including custom cables, custom wire harnesses, electromechanical assemblies, computer cables, custom power cables, custom molded cables, custom RF cables, custom ribbon cable assemblies, medical cable assemblies, networking cables, cell phone data cables, HDMI cables and bulk Cat5E cable.
USB3.0 A Type male to A Type Female Cable
USB3.0 A Type male to A Type Female Cable with Manufacturing Capabilities and Innovative Design
  • Cable Spec : 
UL20379 2P+1P+2C+AEB,
Connector: USB 3.0 A Type male, Gold plated, Nickel Plated
Connector: USB 3.0 A Type female, Gold plated, Nickel Plated
Color: White, Black, or customized
  • ISO and specific harness for all brands and models are available
  • Good replacement for original harness
  • Good choice for after service market
  • Available in various connector types
  • Full range of communication, PC peripheral and more
  • Compliant with RoHS Directive
  • OEM/ODM orders are welcome

AsiaLink specialize in manufacturing Wire Harness Assemblies and Custom Cable Assemblies for OEMs.  We are your premier contract manufacturing resource if you are seeking quality custom wire harnesses, power cable assemblies,coaxial cable assemblies, usb cable assemblies, molded cable assemblies, flat ribbon cables, coaxial and shielded cables, or power and high-current conductors.

AsiaLink are your one-stop custom wire harness manufacturer meeting the specifications of ISO 9001 and MIL-spec standards for all your manufactured wire harness and custom cable assembly requirements.  Our facilities and methods are also certified or compliant to UL and IPC/WHMA-620 standards.

Let us help you learn what to look for in designing, specifying, and purchasing your wire harnesses and custom cable assemblies manufactured to your specifications.  We also offer many other types of custom interconnect assemblies.

Our goal is to offer you a complete single source for all your wire harnesses and custom cable assembly manufacturing.  We provide a complete range of specialty products and cable assemblies, from highly customized wire harnesses to molded cable assemblies for commercial, industrial, military, and aerospace applications.

We look forward to working with you!