WireHarness Series
AsiaLink was established has more than 15 years, factory is located in , Dongguan, China. AsiaLink is a custom cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer with the abilities to manufacture custom cables at our facilities in Dongguan, China. We are one of the few custom cable manufacturers with the engineering expertise to manufacture a wide range of cables including custom cables, custom wire harnesses, electromechanical assemblies, computer cables, custom power cables, custom molded cables, custom RF cables, custom ribbon cable assemblies, medical cable assemblies, networking cables, cell phone data cables, HDMI cables, bulk Cat5E cable, etc. OEM and ODM the both have the advantage of the future, will be in RF cable devoted themselves to increase the production capacity of the RF cable.
RJ45 Male to 2 × Alligator Clip Cable

Wire Harness with Manufacturing Capabilities and Innovative Design

  • RJ45 Male to 2 × Alligator Clip Cable of OEM and ODM services.
  • Cable Spec : UL 2835 24AWG ×1P, UTP CAT5 Cable
  • ISO and specific harness for all brands and models are available
  • Good replacement for original harness
  • Good choice for after service market
  • Available in various connector types
  • Full range of communication, PC peripheral and more
  • Compliant with RoHS Directive
  • OEM/ODM orders are welcome


Custom wire harnesses are a core competence of Asialink International Technology Corp. China factories. Asialink International Technology Corp. is ISO 9001 certified as well as UL Certified for wiring harnesses and processed wire. Our China factory located in Dongguan, Our China factory can produce millions of custom wire harnesses per month.

Asialink International Technology Corp. has extensive experience and produces custom wire harnesses for customers with the following requirements in different fields:

  Telecommunications Wire Harnesses   Building Automation Harnesses
  Networking Wire Harnesses   Medical Wire Harnesses
  Semiconductor Wire Harnesses   Military Wire Harnesses

Renewable Energy Harnesses (Solar and Wind Energy)

  Automotive Wire Harnesses (TS 16949 certification in China)
  Control Box Wire Harnesses   Industrial Wire Harnesses

Automated stripping and crimping equipment from Molex, Schleuniger, Tyco and Eubanks allow our wire harness assemblers to process large amounts of discrete terminated wires to specifications with little labor required. Our wire harness assemblers are experienced highly trained to IPC standards (IPC-A-620). This combined with multiple in-process inspections and 100% final electrical inspections allows us to maintain extremely high internal first pass yields lowering overall costs to our clients.

Our wire harnesses are 100% electrically tested with custom made jigs on our multiple visual wire mapping testing computers. Testers utilizing graphical displays allow us to find shorts, opens, miswires and intermittent connections in seconds. Expediting and automating the testing process allows us to offer lower costs with higher quality products. With our highly automated and documented system, we are able to produce high volumes of custom wire harnesses with extremely high quality.

Asialink International Technology Corp. is also very flexible with manufacturing, being able to manufacture custom wire harnesses for customers with very short lead times in our Dongguan facility or lowering costs dramatically by building wire harnesses in China. Our China facility maintains a large stock of both connectors and discrete wire of many different UL types in raw materials. In most cases, this allows us to be able to produce wire harnesses in China with very short lead times. With component availability, most cables can be manufactured in two weeks, then either shipped ocean or air to the Worldwide depending on the customers requirements.

Asialink International Technology Corp. also provides wire harness design services and can assist in updating drawings and BOM’s for complicated wire harnesses so that your cables can be built accurately, less expensively and quickly.