WireHarness Series
AsiaLink was established has more than 15 years, factory is located in , Dongguan, China. AsiaLink is a custom cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer with the abilities to manufacture custom cables at our facilities in Dongguan, China. We are one of the few custom cable manufacturers with the engineering expertise to manufacture a wide range of cables including custom cables, custom wire harnesses, electromechanical assemblies, computer cables, custom power cables, custom molded cables, custom RF cables, custom ribbon cable assemblies, medical cable assemblies, networking cables, cell phone data cables, HDMI cables, bulk Cat5E cable, etc. OEM and ODM the both have the advantage of the future, will be in RF cable devoted themselves to increase the production capacity of the RF cable.
RJ45 Male to 2 × Alligator Clip Cable
Wire Harness for Dual Flash Head
Wire Harness for Automobile Vehicle
ATX Power Adapter Wire Harness
Main Wire Harness
10P/12P Wire Harness
9 Poles power connector to 8 * fast-on terminal wire harness
44Pin D-SUB Male to RJ45 & Housing * 7Cable L = 1M